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Our Vision - Empower every student to achieve their personal best to make the world a better place. West End State School (WESS) is part of a vibrant community situated close to Brisbane’s CBD. Whilst we are a large school, with over 1100 students, we work hard to maintain a close-knit, community feel. Connecting with our school community is important to us. To facilitate this strong connection we work hard to provide opportunities to collaborate with our WESS community. We also ensure we make times throughout the year to gather to celebrate our many achievements. We have a passionate staff whose aim is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. In our classrooms, we use research based, high yield teaching strategies to engage our students in all areas of the curriculum. Ensuring our students feel safe and supported is central to our work. Our school embraces and celebrates its diversity, living by our motto - We all smile in the same language. We are so very proud of our school!
Best of modern school

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